Appointments-spay/neuter only
We are a high volume clinic.  It may take a few days or longer to get back to you.  Please be patient.  We will get back to you.  Look in your spam folder.  
We do not have a phone.  ​​To make an appointment or if you have questions 
In your email include your name and phone number, what location you would like to use and if you have a pet dog/cat or feral/stray cat.
Many questions will be answered on this page or on the "info prior to k9 surgery page".​

​Please do not call the spaymobile locations or the organization sponsoring the event unless directed.  They will just refer you back to us.

Questions for the Director

Please make every attempt to keep your appointment.  If you need to cancel please email us at the director email at least 48 hours in advance.  If you are a no show we will ask for payment prior to scheduling your appointment.
​Spay and Neuter Fees: Cash only.  We are a pay as you go organization.  We do not accept pre payments.

Cats:  If your cat is found to be altered already there will be no refund.
            ​$60 cash only for spay or neuter (
fee includes rabies and distemper vaccines if needed)
            $35 cash only Feral or free roaming cats (A feral/stray cat does not live in your house, includes rabies vaccine, ears cleaned and earmite treatment and left ear tip for ​identification-no exception.)  

Dogs:  please read "info prior to surgery page".​ 
            $125 cash only for neuter - Male Dogs

            $175 cash only for spay - Female Dogs
              (vaccinations are extra, no vaccines given on day of surgery)
Dogs that are over #70-90#  may incur an extra charge.  We are unable to do large breed dogs over 90 # and certain high risk breeds of dogs
See info on Resource page on high risk dogs and grain free food.
If you are scheduling more than one dog you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit.​  If you use pay pal there will be an extra $5 fee.
Your dog must have current distemper/rabies vaccine.  If you need help with this please ask.  Owners of dogs must be present unless other arrangements have been made prior to appointment.

Pre-operative in-house bloodwork -- $40 highly recommended, required for dogs and cats over 7 years of age.
At this time it is only offered at our Wilkes Barre clinic.​

Other Services offered with spay/neuter:
$10  Rabies Vaccine
$15  Distemper / Parvo Vaccine (cats or dogs)
​$30  FELV / FIV Test (for cats - Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids)
$15  Revolution (cats only), Catego ($10)  application 
$ 5   Worming (round and hook worm)
$25  Microchip includes free registration
$10  Nail Trim (cat or dog)
$25 Exam fee (if required by veterinarian)​

At this time only cash payments are accepted.  All payments due at drop off.​  We do not accept pre payments.  There is a extra $5 charge for using pay pal.

Low cost spay/neuter clinic​​

Please read carefully!
​Pet Cat-Registration is between 8:30-9:30 am.
Cats must be at least 3 months of age and over 3 lbs to undergo surgery.
No food after midnight the night before, but they should have access to have water.
Please bring your cat in a SECURE (no canvas or cloth zipper carriers) carrier lined with a clean towel or newspaper. We cannot be responsible for cats who escape from broken or cloth carriers. Rabies is required per PA law for animals over 3 months of age.
The cost for a pet cat is $60 and includes the Rabies and Distemper vaccine if needed. If your cat is found to be altered already there will be no refund. We accept cash only. Payment is due at drop off. Allow time to fill out a Release form and register your animal.

Feral or Stray cats Drop off is from 8:30-9:30 am
Feral Cats-a feral cat is a wild cat you cannot touch and should be brought in a humane trap.  You do not need an appointment for one feral cat.
Stray Cat –may be friendly but lives outside 24-7.

The cost for trap, neuter, release (feral) cats is $35 and includes the Rabies vaccine, ear cleaning, earmite treatment if needed and EAR TIP. A quarter of an inch is removed from the tip of the left ear in a straight line cut to indicate the cat has been altered and vaccinated. If the cat is found to be altered already there will be no refund. If you have questions about this procedure go to Alley Cat Allies or ask at drop off. We accept cash only. Payment is due at drop off. Allow time to fill out a Release form and register the cat.

Dogs-Registration between 8:30-9:00 am.
Dog owners must be present and will fill out the registration form with the veterinarian. If the owner cannot be present please let us know so we can make arrangements. Please arrive promptly to allow time meet with the veterinarian for a brief exam. Pre-operative bloodwork is not required but always recommended especially for older animals. The cost is $40.
Female dogs must be at least 6 weeks past the end of the last heat cycle to undergo surgery. Rabies is required per PA law for animals over 3 months of age. Dogs must be up to date on the Distemper/parvo (DA2ppv or DHLPP) vaccine to undergo surgery and proof of vaccination must be brought to your appointment. If your dog has not had this vaccine within the past 12 months, the Distemper/parvo vaccine must be administered at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. The vaccine may be obtained by appointment at any clinic for a cost of $15. No vaccines will be given on day of surgery.
​No food after midnight the night before, but they should have access to have water.
The cost for a female dog is $175. The cost for a male dog is $125. Additional charges may apply for overweight or older animals as surgery is more complex given these factors.
Payment is cash only and taken at morning registration.
All dogs must wear an Elizabethan (cone) collar for at least 7 days after surgery. An E-collar may be purchased from the clinic for $15 or brought from home. (The veterinarian will check your cone for proper fit at registration).
Payment is in cash only and due at drop off.

Pick-up Information for both Cats and Dogs:
You will receive a call when your animal is ready, and must be at the clinic to pick up your pet within an hour of that call.
It will be the same day, but we cannot give an exact time due to the fact that pick up will vary for each animal depending on what time they have surgery, and how fast each wakes up from anesthesia. **On fully scheduled days, pick up times can extend into the evening hours.
Please make sure you give us a valid phone number with an active voicemail and are available for our call.
If you have a conflict/another appointment/ live more than 1 hour away-let us know we will do our best to accommodate you. However we cannot guarantee your animal will be ready by a specific time.

Thank you for contacting EPAA!

As you are hopefully aware Governor Wolf has asked all Pennsylvanians to do their part to help stop the spread of this virus. He has ordered all non-essential and non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania to close their physical locations to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
For the purpose of these recommendations a non-emergency (“elective” or “non-essential”) surgical procedure is one that is not urgently required in order to maintain the health of the patient. Most spays and neuters are non-emergency procedures. For these reasons and the overwhelming desire to be part of the solution and not the problem we will be closed until further notice. We will open the minute we feel it will be safe for our staff, volunteers and human clients. We do realize that, as far as we know at this moment, is not transferable to or from dogs and cats, however we are responsible for the humans that care and transport them to our clinic.
Stay Safe!
Closed until
​further notice