Eastern PA Animal Alliance
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic​epaaonline2009@gmail.com​
​The spaymobile will be unavailable for the month of September.  All appointments are being moved to our Wilkes-Barre Clinic.  Watch for your reschedule email with the details.  If you cannot keep your appointment at that location, please email us at epaaonline2009@gmail.com.

​Wilkes Barre Clinic- 588 Hazle Street

Open September 25, 29

Feral Cat policy
You can bring one truly feral cat to any clinic without an appointment to any of our clinics.​​​ If you are trapping in a colony, only one cat per colony per day. A feral cat is a wild cat that cannot be touched and must be trapped*​ It does not live in a house with humans. We allow this because feral cats are unpredictable, and this prevents keeping a trap cat confined the least amount of time. If you can put a cat in a carrier or in the trap, you need an appointment. Do not try to transfer a feral cat to another carrier. It is dangerous for you and the cat! Don't trap until you look at the schedule and make sure there is a clinic.

*​Do not use small traps (squirrel, chipmunk etc.) as the cat must be able to turn around and get away from its waste.
If you don't know how to trap, go to Alley Cat Allies website.
​All check in will be done outside. No one is allowed in the building.

The dates listed are for people who TNR. Everyone else will need an appointment.
Cut and paste the link below and follow the drop-down prompts for an appointment.

Appointments are released every morning up to 2 months ahead and go quickly.​