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Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic
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Eastern Pennsylvania Animal Alliance Inc
Eastern Pa Animal Alliance is a high volume non profit low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats and dogs.  We are staffed by experienced licensed veterinarians and veterinary assistants/technicians, but otherwise volunteer based.  Our mission is to prevent homeless animals, relieve shelters of overcrowding and control the feral/stray cat population.  We are dependent on donations and income from our services.  We are not funded by any other source.

​​I trapped a feral cat. Do I need an appointment?
You can bring one truly feral cat to any clinic without an appointment.​​​ A feral cat is a wild cat that can not be touched and must be
trapped.​ It does not live in a house with humans.  We allow this because feral cats are unpredictable and this prevents keeping a trap cat confined the least amount of time.  If you can put a cat in a carrier or in the trap, you need an appointment.  Do not try to transfer a feral cat to another carrier.  It is dangerous for you and the cat!
I have a voucher from SpayUSA now what do I do?
Let us know at that you are getting them.  They will call or send you a letter.
When we receive the check we will let you know.​  There is a co pay that you will be responsible for and any additional services you permit.​  Have them send the check to EPAA PO Box 123, Sciota PA 18354 (not to the location of the clinic)
I lost my spay/neuter certificate.  Can I get a copy?
If we can find your animals records with the information provide and feel secure that it is
the actual animal that was brought for the procedure we can re-produce a certificate.  There is
a $10 fee to be paid prior to receiving the certificate.​​​  We are not high tech and have to manually search for the info.
​So....put your info in a safe place.  If you are adopting from a rescue/shelter or a private source make sure they give you the certificate.
Adopters Beware!
If you receive a spay certificate from someone not affiliated with EPAA or a rescue organization and it is altered in anyway it may be a forgery. Please contact if that is the case.

​Do I need an appointment?​

 You do need an appointment.   Spay/neuter is not an emergency.  ​Please allow at least a week for a response to your request for an appointment.  If you feel it is an emergency go to your local veterinarian or emergency clinic.  Click on the link below:

​​Can I get just get vaccines or just an exam?
 We are not available for wellness exams or emergencies.  We are not a vaccination clinic.  There are many vaccination clinics available if you can not afford to go to a full service veterinarian.  It is very important that your pet have an exam with the vaccinations.  The exam is beneficial in preventing future issues which can be painful or even fatal to your pet and costly to you.  Every pet owner should have a relationship with a full service veterinarian.

I live in Monroe County and want to spay/neuter feral cats but can't afford it myself.
 Monroe Animal League offers vouchers to residents for feral cats.  They decided not to let people use it at our clinic
so you can't use it at EPAA.
​See Resources page for info.​​​

I trapped a feral cat.  Do I need an appointment?
You can bring one truly feral cat to any clinic without an appointment.​​​  A feral cat is a wild cat that can not be touched and must be
trapped.​  It does not live in a house with humans.

Should I treat my dog or cat for fleas before surgery?
YES, ​Please use a veterinarian approved flea control product.  Pets can get fleas even if they never leave the 
house.  ​We do not recommend "over the counter" flea/tick control it can be harmful or even fatal to your pet.

Appointments- Click on the link below:

Mailing address:
​EPAA, PO Box 123, Sciota, PA 18354.
No mail is accepted at any other location.

Pick-up Information for both Cats and Dogs:
You will receive a call when your animal is ready, and must be at the clinic to pick up your pet within an hour of that call.
It will be the same day, but we cannot give an exact time due to the fact that pick up will vary for each animal depending on what time they have surgery, and how fast each wakes up from anesthesia. **On fully scheduled days, pick up times can extend into the evening hours.
Please make sure you give us a
valid phone number with an active voicemail and are available for our call.
If you have a conflict/another appointment/ live more than 1 hour away-let us know we will do our best to accommodate you. However we cannot guarantee your animal will be ready by a specific time.
What is your phone number?
We don't have a phone.  There are phone numbers out in cyber world, but they are not for us.  You must email.  Please don't call the places or people that host us.