Eastern PA Animal Alliance
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic​epaaonline2009@gmail.com​
​Big Changes for EPAA
Beginning June 1st there will be the following changes.
​​ Drop off is 8:30-9:30 am.
Pet cats: need an appointment.  Use the following:
​If you need an appointment, click on the link below and follow the 
drop-down prompts.
It will give you available appointments for each location based on your selection. It still may take some time to get an appointment as pet appointments are very limited.  If no appointments are available, please keep checking every morning.  
PLEASE! Make sure you look at the LOCATION before selecting the appointments.
​ EPAA reserves the right to change the location of your 
appointment to one that is closer to your address.
We can't respond from notes section.  If you have a question, email us. ​
​Check the website to check locations and dates.  
​It may not be the same location as in the past.
New Prices (see below) and still Cash only.
Community, Free Roaming, Feral Cats
You can bring one truly feral cat to any clinic without an appointment. One cat per day per colony.
​ It must be in a humane trap sized for an adult cat. Drop off is from 8:30-9:30 am.
​ A feral cat is a wild cat that cannot be touched and must be trapped. It does not live in a house with humans.
​Even if you feel the cat is friendly, we strongly recommend using a humane trap. We do not want you to get scratched/bitten!
​All cats, especially feral cats are unpredictable to trap. Make sure you check the schedule before trapping.
 Please put a layer of newspaper or absorbent material in the trap ​so they do not coat themselves with urine and feces.
If the cat lives in your house and you can put her in a carrier or in a trap, you will need an appointment.
You will be turned away if you:
*use a small squirrel trap even if you are trying for kittens.​ The cats must be able to turn around easily in the trap.
*put water, straw, hay, pine shavings or a litter box in the trap
*use traps that have wires, screws, nails or old and rusty that can injure the cat when in transport or the medical personnel.
*bring the cat in anything other than a humane trap.  Do not try to transfer a feral cat to another carrier.
​It is dangerous for you and the cat!
**Bring your pet cat in a trap pretending it is a feral cat.
Please don't abuse this. We want to always offer this to people who are trying to control their feral cat population.
​ Not for folks who don't want to wait for an appointment or pay the pet price. Thanks for your cooperation.

Pet Cat- includes spay/neuter, rabies (mandatory unless documentation provided) and FVRCP vaccines. - Must be brought in a plastic carrier, big enough for a cat to turn around. One cat per carrier.
​EPAA reserves the right to refuse service to purebred and brachycephalic cats.
Male/Female $100 (cash only)
Appointment only-Must be in a sturdy plastic carrier

Community, Free Roaming, Feral Cat -includes spay/neuter, left ear tip(mandatory), rabies (mandatory) and FVRCP vaccines, ​ears checked/cleaned/ear mites treated, flea treatment if needed.   
​Male/Female $50 (cash only) See info above on feral cats.

As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we opened May 2009, helping the ​community, various shelters, rescues and trappers​, we are sad to report that our full-time veterinarian is moving on.
We wish her well. 
We are continuing as best we can, bear with us.​
Where are we?  Click below!
      Locations and Dates

Where are we? Click below!
Locations and dates